Dell EMC

Building a comprehensive design system

Dell EMC is among the largest private technology firms in the world, with multiple hardware and software products for both consumer and businesses.  After the purchase, some Dell operations merged with their EMC counterparts. We were called to create a new design system for the existing products who were bound to be redesigned, and also create completely new products. 

Ideation Workshops

Netcraft specialists flew to the Dell EMC headquarters to conduct workshops with stakeholders, from product managers, operations, and tech executives.

The workshops succeeded in distilling the alues to be communicated by the new design system, brought up the voice of the users. We also launched the design process of a new product, which would become the first to use the design system – a management tool in environments who use multiple EMC solutions.

The Design system

After identifying a mutual language during the workshop, Netcraft designed and developed the elements library for Dell EMC’s Data Protection products, comprehensive enough to ensure that any future development will be conducted in accordance with the new system.

Implementation support

In addition to developing the design system, Netcraft was able to leverage its web development capabilities to provide Dell EMC with an Angular JS library made to help its developers use the design system in their own projects.

We practice what we teach

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