The mobile app that can see through walls

Vayyar is among the most innovative and promising Israeli tech startups today.

With several applications for its technology, Vayyar combines advanced hardware and cutting edge software into valuable solutions. Netcraft was responsible for Walabot DIY, the company’s stud detector device and companion app.

The challenge

For one of its consumer product, the Walabot DIY Stud Finder, Vayyar needed a partner for product design — someone to advocate for the users, anticipate use-cases and provide answers to design questions.

Walabot DIY is sold directly to customers, and an intuitive interface is a must.

Ongoing experience design

Vayyar approached Netcraft to design the app functionality for its mobile imaging sensor, not as a one-off project but as a continuous collaboration. After building the initial application, we have continued to work with Vayyar on subsequent iterations and updates, designing new screens and functional interfaces, based on analytics and research.

Onboarding flow design

Among the toughest challenges for any mobile app is the onboarding flow, which teaches new users to use the application and explains its functionality, while leading the user towards the device’s value. Netcraft worked closely with Vayyar to design a progressive onboarding flow, aimed at reducing friction and support tickets.

Different Personas

While the product is called DIY, the target audience includes both enthusiasts who may use it once a year, and professionals who rely on it daily. The expectations are also different, and this sets another challenge in the UX design. A personalized experience was created according to the individual usage patterns.

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