A self-service interface for a family of brands

IDI is among the largest Israeli insurance companies and is listed on the Tel-Aviv Stock Exchange. Pioneering the direct insurance model in Israel since 1996, IDI has a market cap of over 2 Billion NIS. It is mostly known to Israeli customers under several brands, such as Bituach Yashir and 9,000,000.

The challenge

IDI is able to provide high value to its customer by cutting out the middlemen. The company doesn’t rely on insurance agents, selling insurance directly. But for over 20 years, its brands were mostly associated with the catchy phone numbers of their call centers.

IDI approached Netcraft to create a superior digital experience, which would be robust and intuitive enough to replace the call center as the primary point of contact for IDI customers.

Thorough planning

Netcraft specialists analyzed the traditional IDI customer experience and designed a modern digital presence with the express purpose of making it as accessible, if not more so, as a human operator. We planned and designed the data architecture, purchase flows, and support experiences.

Unified design

Since IDI operates multiple brands, we designed the website architecture to be brand-agnostic, and created skins for each of the brands on top of it.

CRO analysis

Among the reasons for Netcraft’s success is our end-to-end approach to projects. For IDI, we worked with an in-house analyst on Conversion Rate Optimization.

To produce impactful results, this process requires collaboration from all project stakeholders, working together to optimize and tune every element of the project with conversions in mind.

Brand language

We developed a comprehensive brand language for the digital version of IDI’s brands. This included both identity design for several of the brands, as well as art direction for collateral related to the project.

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