Mizrahi-Tefahot Bank

Understanding the user journey.

Our solution

A mobile mortgage shopping tool

Bank Mizrahi approached Netcraft to create mobile presence for it’s mortgage division. After conducting user research and a market analysis, we came up with an out of the box idea, that will be able to serve potential clients and generate leads for the bank.

Mortgage calculator

Netcraft brought to life “Derech Habayta,” a mortgage payment calculator built to support the user throughout the process of finding their new home. It allows the users to document the homes he sees, take photos, and effortlessly preview a potential mortgage loan.

Mizrachi’s experts are available for an online chat, thus creating a first connection with the bank.

The app is also connected to the largest Israeli real estate database, Madlan, and can provide valuable information about any property and neighborhood, as well as potential mortgages and monthly payment rates.

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