Redesigning the most viewed news site in Israel

Ynet was established in 2000 by “Yedioth Ahronoth” and became the most viewed news site in Israel. Due to the strong competition in the field, Ynet reached out to us to redesign their website and application. The project included a large-scale survey, user interviews, design-thinking sprints, and conceptual visualization.


The process included a complex survey among CEOs and analytics teams, massive user-research, and user-testing. Since this was a large-scale project, we prioritized tasks, and decided to launch the new homepage design (including several articles) as an MVP.

User testing

A significant part of the project included a massive user-research who took place in our offices. With a large number of participants, thanks to a wide range of questions and the ability to understand the users needs, we came up with some important insights that help us reach a better view on the project .


After launching the new homepage as an MVP, we conducted more user-testing and user-interviews, and came up with new insights. Based on those insights, we improved the design and created accessible and convenient interface , and continue to work on additional screens and innovations.

Ongoing work

Netcraft took a part In the design and redesign of Ynet’s multiple digital
platforms with the goal of having a consistent experience.

We continued to improve and redesign more pages inside “Ynet”, and added new features for a better user experience . In addition, we expanded our work to Internal systems and got to work on more subsidiaries by “Yedioth Ahronoth”.

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