Online Banking

Bank Hapoalim

Bank Hapoalim is Israel’s leading financial group and largest bank. The bank has a significant presence in global financial markets.


Bank Hapoalim is Israel’s leading financial group and largest bank. The bank has a significant presence in global financial markets.

Our Responsibility

We prototyped and designed Bank Hapoalim’s international website as well as four applications for mobile: the online banking app, cellular wallet app, a capital market app and Poalim for business.

Project Goals

The project’s goals were to make banking information and actions accessible, simple, available and easy to use for the clients. The apps were created to keep clients up-to-date and give them control over their finances.

Multi Platform

Bank Hapoalim’s vision was to create a comprehensive experience for their clients regarding their finances. To accomplish this, Netcraft established four cellular applications and upgraded the company’s international website to complete the experience. Every app answered a certain need and together they give a full solution. We made the transition from one app to another easy and accessible, and differentiated them by creating separate brand languages including customized icons, all inline with the Bank Hapoalim brand.

Suites of Applications

Poalim for

Poalim for Business was created to bring up-to-the-minute information to clients about their business accounts and investments. The app enabled them to get information and to complete transactions anytime from anywhere.

To optimize the app we conducted in-depth market and competition research. We also prototyped and designed the app from the initial page to the login page and complex actions. To enhance the user experience we designed customized icons and infographics and used gestures.

Account Management

Netcraft prototyped and designed Bank Hapoalim’s online banking app. To overcome the complexity and vast amount of information in this small platform we suggested easy and quick access to supplementary applications. Each application provides an efficient, fast, and focused solution to every financial need the client have.

Capital Market

We prototyped and designed an application for capital market. The application enables its clients, the ability to gain access to financial solutions that support value formation and growth strategies. The application designed to give up-to-the-minutes solutions to the changes in the market.

We designed the application inline with capital market apps around the world and kept the colors and language of the infographics. We used dark colors to enhance the financial experience since it identified with the capital market industry. We made it simple to use and used graphs and charts to make the experience more visual.

Applications Wireframes

Optimizing the Login Page

Netcraft prototyped and designed Bank Hapoalim’s login page in the website as well as four applications. The challenge was to create a login page that would be easy, friendly and comfortable but yet secure and have enough information. We united the login page in all platforms to create a uniform language that wouldn’t confuse users.

Eye Tracking

In addition to multiple research projects, we prototyped and designed the applications and website. We also conducted eye-tracking research to validate the final products. Eye tracking is a research method that tracks a user’s eyes to see where they look while they browse the web.

The test enabled us to efficiently obtain valid and reliable results. It is easy to use, unobtrusive, and highly accurate. Netcraft holds one of two eye tracking labs in Israel and conducts the most eye tracking researches in the country.

Visual Banker

Netcraft specified and designed Bank Hapoalim’s CRM system that gives a uniform response to a banker’s needs. We conducted in-depth personas, product and market research market researches. The system was designed to give a better experience to the client who calls the bank and needs assistance. It also improved the experience for the banker who need to quickly extract this information.